Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thermometers and Wrist devices

Anoop Verma's review of "Gadgets for good health" in "Dignity
Dialogue" June 2011 issue is worth reading.

Variant types of thermometers (keep it in your ear type, keep near the
body (non-contact) type), wrist watches that measure your BP, Pulse
rate, heart beats? are mentioned. When a Rs 50 mercury thermometer
will give the temperature, will you spend rs 2550 just for the
convenience of non-contact feature? Two similar products - Wrist based
BP monitors - from same company Omron - are mentioned without bringing
out the difference between the two.  One way in which I benefited from
the Article is that I came to know that  Amazon is a good source for
such products too. I thought they were only for books chiefly.

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