Sunday, July 5, 2015

Comprehensive List of Assistive Devices

List of Assistive devices from the index of the website

This list may be useful to look for information on the products, specifications, illustrations, suppliers or vendors. A start up file of sorts.

Bariatric / Heavy Duty
All Items
bath benches
toilet tissue wipe aids
raised toilet seats
toilet safety frame
toilet tissue wipe aids
Tub & Shower
tub safety treads
folding shower seat
mobile shower chair
transfer benches
tub safety rails
hand held shower

All Items
bed risers
bed rails
bed rail organizer
bed wedge
leg elevator
blanket support
bed tray
bed transfer board
tilt up bedside table

Daily Living
Better TV
tv volume regulator
tv ears
pocket talker pro

large-handle utensils
scooper plate & guards
cups and mugs
spill protectors
Hearing Solutions
amplified telephones

Incontinence Supplies
bed underpads
chair pads
zippered mattress covers
feminine incontinence
male incontinence

Kitchen Openers
for cans / bottles / jars
Large Handle Utensils
offset handle knives
food preparation utensils
measuring cups / spoons

Lever Door Knobs
all styles
Vision Solutions
reading magnifiers
big-button telephones
big-button remotes
large number clocks
talking watch
big number playing cards
Writing Utensils
wanchick's writer
ring pen
pencil grippers
Other Daily Living Aids
lap book holders
senior reachers / grabbers
folding shopping carts
big lamp switches
self opening scissors
playing card holders
ez spray handle

Dressing & Personal Care
Clothing for Seniors
adaptive apparel
compression socks
support hose
non-slip slipper sock
Dressing Aids
elastic shoe laces
long shoe horns
dressing stick
ring zipper pull
Personal Care
dental flossing fork
long handle body washer
long handle hair washer
long lotion applicator
long handle brush & comb
electric nail care kit
mirror, telescoping
long handle tweezers
hair washing tray / basin

Health Care
Blood Pressure Monitors
wrist monitors
arm monitors
Diabetic Supplies
glucose monitor
care socks
insulin syringes
syringe needle clipper
sharps collectors
Exercise Therapy
pedal exerciser
mini stepper
gait belts
other exercisers
Oxygen Concentrators
portable concentrators
home concentrators
oxygen therapy supplies
respironics filters
portable pulse oximeters
Pain Relief & Comfort
hot and cold packs
heel spur cushions
knee / heel / elbow guards
Pill Accessories
pill splitter
medication tote bag
pill organizers
pill bottle cap opener
pulverizer / crusher

Canes & Crutches
iWALKFree crutch
canes, adjustable
canes, folding
canes, lighted
quad canes
forearm crutches
Walkers - Rollators
all types
Walkers - Standard
all types
Walker Accessories
tray, clip on
quilted tote pouches
glides and wheels
Wheelchairs & Accessories
transport chair
lightweight wheelchair
bed to chair transfer board
carryall totes / pouches
anti-tip attachment
seat inserts / cushions
seat lift
Wheelchair Ramps

Patient Care
Diagnostic Supplies
Urinals and Bed Pans
all items

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